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Closing of ‘Halal’ Supermarket In France Sparks Outrage

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Closing of ‘Halal’ Supermarket In France Sparks Outrage

A supermarket in France owned by Muslims has been closed for “violating its terms of lease” by refusing to sell alcohol and pork under grounds.

The Good Price mini-market in Colombes, that is located in Paris needs to be a “general food store” according to its license and must meet the needs of all of its inhabitants, which means that the market must sell pork and alcohol, however by doing so it defeats the purpose of its halal credentials.

The owner Soulemane Yalcin launched his store in 2015 and turned it into a supermarket that sells halal certified products.

In what is being described as an Islamophobic campaign online, after Yalcin opened his market, locals began to complain that they could no longer buy alcohol and pork at the said supermarket and called on local authorities to get it replaced.

Last year, the mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, went to the store in order to pressure Mr Yalcin to start selling alcohol and pork.

The mayor’s chief of staff, Jerome Besnard, said that he asked the owner to ‘diversify’ his range of products on sale to stop local residents from complaining.

French courts had succeeded in shutting the business down this week and Yalcin is being forced to pay €4000 ($4725) to the local authorities to cover their legal fees.