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Jordan: Calls on Arabs, Muslims to Defend Jerusalem

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Jordan: Calls on Arabs, Muslims to Defend Jerusalem

Former Jordanian Minister and Islamic scholar, Ishaq Farhan, urged all Arabs and Muslims to defend Jerusalem in the wake of the Israeli Judaisation of the holy city.

“It is no longer convincing for Arabs and Muslims only to cut off relations with Israel. We need a more bold step including to sever relations with the United States, whose president intends to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state,” Farhan said in an interview with Quds Press.

Farhan stressed that the decision of the U.S. president to relocate the embassy “comes after the Arabs received him in a historic summit in the Saudi capital and gave him money, which could have built entire countries”.

“It is the responsibility of the people, and then the Islamic and religious bodies and institutions concerned with Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque to educate the nation about the dangers that threaten religious sanctities in Palestine as a result of this decision,” Farhan continued.

He regretted that “the United States and the West has become a partner with the Israeli occupation in violating Palestinian, Arab and Islamic rights in Jerusalem.”

According to the Wadi Araba peace accord signed between Israel and Jordan, Amman retains the right to supervise religious affairs in Jerusalem.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel adding that the American embassy will be relocated from Tel Aviv to the occupied city.