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Hindu Hardliners Accuse Muslims of ‘Bombing a Cow’

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Hindu Hardliners Accuse Muslims of ‘Bombing a Cow’

Hindu extremists, who it seems are always trying to target Muslims in India, once again accused the minority of feeding a bomb to a cow which exploded in her mouth. The investigators have found the claims are fake, Daily Pakistan informs.

The incident took place in an area called Ahmadpur road in the town of Vidisha, Madhya Pardesh. Afterwards, Hindu hardliners started accusing Muslims of targeting the cow, allegedly owned by a Hindu farmer.

Inciting the communal violence, an extremist twitted a claim without any investigation stating as “Muslims fed bomb to cow which blew inside her mouth. #Cow critically injured in Vidisha, MP. No arrests by police. #Hindus not allowed to protest”.

In response to fake claims regarding the involvement of Muslims, Madhya Pardesh Minister of Home & Transport Bhupendra Singh took to tweeter to claim that FIR has been registered in the case. “Investigations do not point to any communal mischief,” he added.

The minister stated that according to initial findings some tribal boys had hidden a ‘suar maar bomb’ (handmade bomb) in the bushes, which the poor cow inadvertently chewed. He added that tribal dwellings have been cleared from that area.

Meanwhile, the police investigated and also did not find any involvement of Muslims in the incident. Talking to India-based Alt News, SP of Vidisha Vineet Kapoor confirmed that the cow indeed received injuries due to accidentally chewing a bomb.

“The explosive, known as ‘suar maar bomb’ (handmade bomb) is used by the nomadic tribe presently inhabiting the area for hunting wild pigs and are triggered by pressure. The cow accidentally chewed on the bomb when it was grazing the area, as a result of which it exploded. There is no Muslim or communal angle,” the news quoted the SP.