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‘Peace in World Impossible Without Religious Freedom’

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‘Peace in World Impossible Without Religious Freedom’

Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) Chairman and Coordinator United Religions Initiative MCC Islamabad Allama Dr GR Chishti Tuesday urged the world leaders to understand the basic fact that peace in world could not be possible without providing all basic rights to human beings including right to religion, The News reports.

Addressing a press conference, at UIPM, URI MCC Islamabad office, Sohan, Islamabad, Dr Chishti said that United Nations Human Rights Declaration 1948 which was adopted after the devastation caused by WWII by intellectuals, scholars, scientists and religio-political leaders from all across the world in unanimously declared in its preamble that ‘Right of life, dignity of humanity, freedom of religion and conscience of expression’ is right of every human being.

“However, it is quite disheartening to note that Houthis of Yemen are being negligent to the human rights and continue to persecute Baha’i community in Yemen,” he added.

Dr Chishti was of the view that persecuting any person or community due to their religious belief is an international crime and calling members of Baha’i community as heretic, apostate, infidel enemies of Islam, western agents or spies of Israel by the Houthis in Yemen are really serious allegations.

Dr Chishti pointed out that how a speech by Abdul Malik Yemeni Houthis leader enticed and misguided the people of Yemen to literally get rid of Baha’i of Yemen by declaring them are ‘satans’ and enemies of the country to prepare them for genocide of Bahai’i community which should be deemed as an international crime against humanity, human right law and sabotaging the efforts of the world towards promotion of interfaith harmony.

“It is quite alarming that Mr Abul Malik influence over a large number of armed followers as well as highest religious authority of Yemen, by other government officials and by others on traditional and social media all imply that this speech is a call for mass atrocity against a religious minority which is intent to genocide,” he added

Allama Chishti appealed to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guetres to address the matter in the best interest of humanity and human rights and Houthis may be stopped from persecution of Bahai’i and other minorities in Yemen. He also appealed to head of Common Word Movement His Highness Prince Ghazi bin Mohammad bin Talal as these actions are against the basic principles of Common Word, “the Love of God and Love of Neighbour.”

He also appealed to Rt. Rev. William E. Swing to take note of the situation as Houthis actions in Yemen were opposite to the preamble and principles of URI as well as the Council of Parliament of World’s Religions and use his influence to stop the Houthis from these inhuman actions.

Allama Chishti also appealed to the leader of Houthis in Yemen Abdul Malik and Mufti Azam of Yemen Moulana Shams-al-Din Muhammad Sharaf al-Din to address the issue in name of humanity otherwise UIPM will start campaign to awake the world and raise this question at conference including the Parliament of World Religions being held from 1-7 November in Toronto, Canada.

He also appealed to incoming government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as its leader Imran Khan in his policy statement said that he was ready to play role for reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran and also include in his manifesto that he should play due role for protection of minorities not only in Pakistan but also around the world including Yemen which will be his great service for humanity.