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IWPG Daejeon Chungcheong Branch Holds a Meeting for Women’s Rights

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January 24, 2021
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IWPG Daejeon Chungcheong Branch Holds a Meeting for Women’s Rights

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing many problems around the world.There are various human rights problems as well as health and economic problems around the world.In particular, regulations such as social distancing or quarantine restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus are increasing the incidences of domestic violence. This is creating another human rights issue, a shadow pandemic.

According to the UN WOMEN’S REPORT, data related to domestic violence against women shows that many women are enduring more domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic.In this regard, what issues are occurring with respect to women’s rights in each country?In order to look in more detail and find a solution, IWPG Daejeon Chungcheong Branch held a general meeting with those who are actively working for peace and women’s rights in Albania, North Macedonia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Topic of this IWPG GENERAL MEETING was “Analysis of Women’s status in the POST-CORONA era and Charting a course for the future”.

Ms.Lindita Ademi, a professor at Tetovo State University in North Macedonia, said that domestic violence is not being exposed or discussed as a social issue. She also said society needs to think about the economic and ethnic issues related to Covid-19 as well. In addition, she said that the intellectual class within society is working hard in order to address these issues of women’s rights and domestic violence, and to inform society.

Ms. Sevim Arbana, representative of Albanian’s Useful to Albanian Women (UAW) group said, “Albania is currently facing domestic violence problems.” She also said “We should find the method to solve women’s rights and economic support and self-reliance, and find ways to address the unemployment rate for young women, and poverty for the elderly.”

Mr. Stanislas, a project manager for Ferapad Fizi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,said that domestic violence also leads to sexual violence, because they are “only” women. He said that the situation is not being addressed, and that not only women’s rights but also women’s dignity as human beings is being eroded. He also said that face masks and other personal protective equipment that can overcome the current corona pandemic situation should also be supplied, along with personal hygiene products.

In order to resolve the current situation regarding women’s rights in each country, IWPG Daejeon Chungcheong Branch will continue to host these regular meetings. After each meeting, IWPG will continue supporting the local representatives who work for women’s rights and peace within each country’s community.

IWPG is a non-profit organization headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and works for women’s rights and real peace. We are actively working all around the world to achieve true peace by becoming one with women all over the world.